RISENODE is a peer-to-peer marketplace for original music and streaming that leverages blockchain technology to connect artists with their fans. The platform aims to build a sustainable and more transparent ecosystem for everyone in the industry, to create a new decentralized ecosystem that remunerates artists, songwriters, composers, and lyricists for their work.

Why we start RISENODE?
RISENODE begins with a vision, followed by passion and execution, to create a new, sustainable, and democratic music ecosystem with blockchain for artists and fans.


What are RiAC Tokens on RISENODE?
RiAC (RISENODE Asset Creation) is a utility token built on the RISENODE ecosystem. Users will be able to use the RiAC tokens to create Music NFTs and join streaming service.


What is an NFT and what means to music?

An NFT (stands for Non-Fungible Token) is a unique digital asset stored on the blockchain. The NFT is actually the digital certificate associated with the digital asset (such a song), proving the ownership of the digital asset. Because it’s “non-fungible” and secured by blockchain, it can’t be faked, copied or deleted. If you buy an NFT, no one can take it away unless you decide to sell.
With NFT and blockchain technologies, any verified artists are able to issue NFT with their original music on RISENODE. They can register their music as an ownership proof, they can even sell or stream their original music to generate revenue for their talent.

What is a verified artist or verified entity on RISENODE?
We welcome everyone to join as an artist or a company entity, the verification process helps us to ensure that only real artists or real entities are participated in the ecosystem.


How can I be verified as an artist or an entity?

1. You need to create a RISENODE account.
2. Go to My Risenode Profile
3. Press “Register” button
4. Select I am an “Artist” or “Agent, Label, Distributor or a Company Entity”
5. Provide your personal social media links for artist or Company information for company entity, then “Submit”.
6. The verification process will take 4-5 working days to complete.

How can I register my music on RISENODE Asset Registry as an ownership proof?

1. Logon to RISENODE.
2. Confirm that you are verified as an artist or a company entity.
3. Go to My Assets.
4. Press “Create a new asset”.
5. Fill up the NFT creation form, press “Create”.
6. Agree on the Terms and Conditions, press “Confirm”.
7. The new asset will be created under the My Assets page.

How can I enable streaming service for a Music NFT on RISENODE?

1. Logon to RISENODE.
2. Confirm that you are verified as an artist or a company entity.
3. Go to My Assets.
4. Click on the Music NFT.
5. Expand the streaming section, press “Edit”
6. Turn on and fill up the information, press “Update”
7. Agree on the Terms and Conditions, press “Confirm”.
8. Your Music NFT will be streamed when the Music player is launched in Feb 2022.

Does RISENODE offer technical support?

If you have any problems, you may reach us by emailing to hello@wordpress-733173-2453016.cloudwaysapps.com, we will reply or even setup a video call with you as soon as possible.