HK’s First-ever NFT Concert features LaSax x Dare Ensembles

LaSax x Dare 敢·玩NFT 聖誕Live演奏會
To celebrate Hong Kong’s first-ever NFT virtual concert, LaSax and Dare Ensembles ended 2021 on a high note by performing Christmas classics and original work with over a hundred audiences. The event was hosted by RiseNode on its live streaming platform. Blockchain-enabled features were incorporated throughout, each beautifully designed festive ticket was tokenised, replacing QR code and paper-based tickets.
The highlight of the virtual music show was no doubt the ‘gifting’ element. To enrich the musical experience, RiseNode transferred audiences 10 RiAC tokens, with which true fan might send their RiAC to their beloved artists to show support.
Part of the proceeds from the ticket sale went to Caring for Children Foundation in Hong Kong, purchasing lip-reading friendly medical masks with the intent of supporting those with hard-of-hearing during COVID-19.
Based in Hong Kong, RiseNode is a NFT music platform that serves to build a fun-loving, sustainable music ecosystem, it is gradually introducing new features with elements of gamification and social media, bringing musicians and their fans closer.
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