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Core to RISENODE is our belief that every musician should be rewarded for their talents. With blockchain and NFTs technology, we are building a transparent music ecosystem for musicians and their fans.

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The RISENODE Ecosystem is a community that empowers musicians and engages fans, offering fun musical experience to connect the two.


RISENODE allows musicians to claim full ownership of their original work, enjoy 100% autonomy over revenue, getting paid in a transparent way. By way of registration, musicians will be able to claim full ownership of their original work. Musicians who feature their music on RISENODE also gets to keep most of the revenue for their creativity.


RISENODE incentivizes fans who support their beloved artists and gives them say how they want to go about it. Music fans will be rewarded with RiAC tokens as they play music on the streaming portal. They can also stake to support their love for an musician, in turn, generating rewards for the artist’s performance.


RISENODE makes music a fun experience and NFT technology user-friendly. With blockchain technology, musicians may turn their music into NFTs to grab their attention. As the ecosystem expands, so will the RISENODE community, one that is defined by connectivity and gamification. We bring you closer.

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